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CMMC Ready?

CMMC Now® is standing by to ensure that your organization is ready for The Department of Defense’s phased rollout of CMMC requirements over the next several years. As those requirements steadily increase within US Government contracts, CMMC Now® can set your company up to adapt.

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What to Expect

The number of contracts scheduled to have CMMC requirements in the RFPs from FY 2021 through FY2025 is, respectively, 15, 75, 250, 325, and 475.

Are you CMMC ready?

Why now?

If you’re one of the 350K+ primes or subcontracting organizations that will require CMMC Certification, the time to begin preparing is now so that you’re ready when the new requirements roll out.

Are you a cleared Cybersecurity Professional who’s interested in joining our team as a CMMC Assessor?

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Circinus LLC

CMMC Now® is a subsidiary of Circinus LLC

Circinus, LLC provides the U.S. Government with responsive, agile and expertly managed services, support and technology solutions to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of military commands and intelligence agencies. With deep roots in DoD and the Intelligence Community, Circinus’ mission focus and commitment to service is a core value and common attribute among both our leadership team and the people we employ. Since its beginnings, Circinus has continuously distinguished itself with exceptional technical staff, unflinching honesty and disciplined, on-time delivery.

Caution:  CMMC Now® is an established assessment capacity and will move quickly to accreditation once the CMMC AB establishes standards and processes.  Now though, none of the prospective Third-Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs) is currently licensed to provide certification.  Follow notifications of the CMMC AB for updates and additional news.